LED Rechargeable Headlamp - 8000 Lumens

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  • LARGE CAPACITY,COMFORTABLE – This head lamp can be illuminated for a long time.It isn’t just tough, it’s also designed with the adjustable sizing for maximum comfort. It’ll be the only waterproof headlamp you’ll need - from your lantern while camping in the great outdoors, to a hard hat light, to a bike helmet light, and beyond!
  • HANDS FREE,HASSLE FREE – Quit struggling with a handheld flashlight that leaves you to work with just one hand. Have a reliable, hands-free led headlight to brighten up your environment, leaving you free to work, read, and explore whenever and wherever you want.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL [4 MODES] – Complete control of your beam from extreme 180° wide lighting area to a narrow long distance in a single simple adjustment. It also has a lightweight design and can switch into 4 modes: Main light, Auxiliary light x 2, All-light and Flash four flash mode.
  • 90°FLEXIBLE ADJUSTMENT,IPX-6 GRADE WATERPROOF – The headlamp has 90° downward adjustment which can increase the maximum head lamp radiation range and makes the lighting more convenient safe.
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