Damage Assessment

Assessing Damage to Power is CRUCIAL to RESTORATION.

Power Restoration Support

When the Lights Go Out...Getting them Back on is MISSION PRIORITY.


Learn more about the mission requirements. Download this Guide first. If you think it's a potential fit, then submit your inquiry using the link at the bottom of this page! 

GSX Damage Assessors play a vital role in restoring power to commercial and residential sites by recognizing damage to power utility assets.

When deployed, GSX Damage Assessors are leaders who can work in a team of fifteen, with a larger group of fifty other Damage Assessors to accomplish the mission. Our Damage Assessment Team Leaders are the tip of this spear, providing experience when needed. You will undergo efficient and timely training to transition from an unknowledgeable volunteer, to an expert ready to identify and report damage easily.

What We Do:

GSX Damage assessors are sent into areas of major power outages across the country, in order to assist in the restoration of localized power. With help from Team Leaders, these roles have a special duty to fulfill. With Damage Assessors, the efficiency in power restoration is increased, leading to a faster response from local power experts. The job of the Damage Assessor is an integral aspect for power restoration in any storm event. 

Join the MISSION.

Ground Support Systems is seeking Mission Team Members.

Join the MISSION.

Ground Support Systems is seeking Mission Team Members.