Damage Assessor Team Leaders

Leading Teams to Assess Damage to Power is CRUCIAL to RESTORATION.

Power Restoration Support

When the Lights Go Out...Getting them Back on is MISSION PRIORITY.


Learn more about the mission requirements. Download this Guide first. If you think it's a potential fit, then submit your inquiry using the link at the bottom of this page! 

GSX Damage Assessor team leaders are experts in the field of commercial power damage assessment. They lead a team of fifteen damage assessors to complete their specialized mission during storm deployments.

Our Damage Assessment Team Leaders are the tip of this spear, providing experience when needed. You will undergo efficient and timely training to transition from an unknowledgeable volunteer, to an expert ready to identify and report damage easily.

What We Do:

GSX Damage Assessor team leaders utilize their experience in Damage Assessment to guide Damage Assessors as they identify damage to our client’s power infrastructure. Damage Assessor team leads are specifically recruited for their past experience, and can only apply after special authorization from RLI. This two step verification ensures we send out the best of the best in a storm deployment.

Join the MISSION.

Ground Support Systems is seeking Mission Team Members.