Fuel Team Operations

Power Restoration Support

When the Lights Go Out...Getting them Back on is MISSION PRIORITY.


Learn more about the mission requirements. Download this Guide first. If you think it's a potential fit, then submit your inquiry using the link at the bottom of this page! 

Restoring power to large populations is a multi-layered process, which often requires specialized teams who know, trust, and work together. Most importantly: they have each others' backs! 

A fuel team consists of a three-person team, with a 3/4-to-one-ton crew cab pickup truck. They are typically assigned to support and work with a large 2,000-4,000 fuel tanker. During large deployments, multiple fuel teams are assigned to the same bases.

What We Do:

GSX Fuel Teams are a specialized mission that participates mostly on the power utility missions. Fuel teams will refuel power utility line trucks and other power restoration vehicles at night that are parked on our bases. They will also support stationary trucks for daytime fueling.

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