Don’t DISPOSE of Your Expensive Diesel Fuel... KEEP IT. 

The Mission: Disaster Response

When Disaster Strikes, the Stakes are NEVER HIGHER...and We Need YOUR Help.

Our DieselKEEP Truck Mounted Unit can process 50 gallons of fuel per minute!

Introducing DieselKEEP™ Fuel Filter & Polishing Services.

The biggest threat to stored diesel fuel is CONTAMINATION that inevitably renders the fuel unusable and can be dangerous to emergency generators. Most wireless carriers simply surrender to the costly option of DISPOSAL and REPLACEMENT of the contaminated fuel (which, in time, if not used, will go through the same process—an endless and costly cycle).

This results in huge financial losses per generator every two years...and it’s a cost and stress wireless network engineers and managers should not have to put up with. There should be a way of keeping this fuel on standby and ready for service, and stopping the waste--not just for financial savings but for environmental protection as well.

Now, there is...with DieselKEEP™ Fuel Filter & Polishing.

Ground Support Systems has taken fuel filtering technology—once available only to the marine and aviation industries—and made it TRANSPORTABLE. What this means to you is that our mobile systems can be deployed at all the locations of your transmission towers. 

Instead of incurring the regular financial losses of disposal and replacement of contaminated diesel fuel, you will be able to filter and repolish it, at a mere fraction of the cost.

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If You Want...

  • Your annual diesel costs, removal and disposal cut by [90%].
  • Transmission towers have greater reliability and improved uptime.
  • Backup generators are preserved and protected from contaminated fuel.

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Ground Support Systems is seeking Mission Team Members.